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Project Description


Our Home Nursing Program is ideal for patients that require long term in home nursing care for complex medical issues as well as day-to-day needs. This program is aimed at helping patients gain back their independence through a systematic and compassionate care plan specially devised for each individual patient.

  • Vaccination

    Get vaccinated at home and stay safe from infectious diseases. We provide vaccination for H1N1, Typhoid, Pneumonia, Hepatitis and more by qualified nurses at home.

  • Post-surgical Care

    Post-surgical care is critical, and includes everything from pain management & feeding to respiratory management & fluid management. Get well sooner under the care of our nurses, who will help you with all of this in the comfort of your home.

  • Urinary Catheterisation Care

    Our nurses can help you with Urine catheterisation care at home; be it catheter insertion, catheter removal or bladder wash.

  • Oxygen Administration

    Oxygen administration is required in both acute and chronic conditions like trauma, hemorrhage, shock, breathlessness, pulmonary disease, and more. Don’t panic if you require one. Call a Portea nurse home.

  • Wound Care

    Did you know that the healing process varies depending on the wound type? Our nurses are experienced in handling post-operation surgical wounds, infected wounds and pressure sores.

  • Injections and IV Infusion

    Save yourself the trouble of regular hospital visits when it comes to frequent injections and IV infusions. Simply call us, and have an experienced nurse administer them at home.

  • New Mother Care

    After the enlivening process of birthing, new mothers may encounter baby blues or postpartum depression. Emotional support and massage may be a solution for this. If you are looking for supportive professional care, lactation support and post-natal massages, for the adjustments in the motherhood this program is for you.

  • New Born Baby Care

    Pregnancy and delivery ends up welcoming new responsibilities of the infant. If you are looking for supportive medical care as prescribed by doctor, help with lactation, massages and help with postnatal exercises, this program is for you.

  • The Coming Home Service

    After leaving the birthing center, you can avail coming home services that includes doctor visit during the first month, telephonic consultations with doctors and advisory support on lactation, nutrition and post-natal recovery.

  • Other Services
    • Critical Care Nursing
    • Tracheostomy Nursing
    • Palliative Nursing
    • Palliative Nursing
    • Geriatric Nursing


Enjoy the convenience and comfort of healing at home
We have 500+ happy customers
Our Nurses are qualified and experienced
We’re the recommended home care partner for leading hospitals
We’re affordable, accountable and accessible

  We provide Physiotherapy services in Locations:

Kuala Lumpur 8:00 – 17:00
Petaling jaya 9:30 – 17:00
Shah Alam 9:30 – 15:00

  +60 (3) 21629798

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What are the things that a EUVIDIA nurse would do? 2018-01-14T04:00:35+00:00

EUVIDIA’s trained nurse can assist you with post-surgical care, suture removal, wound care, injections and  IV infusion and more.

How often a nurse will visit me? 2017-12-15T02:31:06+00:00

The frequency of nursing visits varies depending on the patient’s needs and treatment plan. View our Packages for more information.

How qualified are nurses from EUVIDIA? 2017-12-15T02:34:53+00:00

All EUVIDIA nurses are professionally trained and certified. Also, most of our nurses have many years of industry experience in top hospitals across Malaysia and Overseas.

What will be the duration for each physiotherapy session and cost?? 2017-12-15T02:46:38+00:00

The cost per session varies depending on the patient’s need and treatment plan.View our Packages plans.